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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

DR Testing & Why Tech Teams Are Choosing DRaaS

26.6.2020 by Guest

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) has come into its own over recent years, overtaking traditional DR methods, such as investing in additional data centres or in private clouds, which have the sole purpose of being a DR solution. DRaaS has expanded the reach of DR services beyond large enterprises to medium, and even some small businesses thanks to its affordability and other factors such as simplicity of setup and ease of testing. Traditional disaster recovery ? When someone mentions disaster recovery, I always think back to my days of working in a bank. I remember how frustrating it was…

Smishing: SMS phishing scams explained

25.6.2020 by Laura Valentine

Familiar with phishing? Even if you don’t know the specifics, most of us have experienced it at one point or another – the unexpected email that appears harmless at first but doesn’t seem quite right upon closer inspection. These emails…

Remote Working and the Dynamics of Business

19.6.2020 by Laura Valentine

Has remote working ever been a hotter topic? With offices across the globe sitting empty, many of us have found ourselves working from spare rooms and kitchen tables, conducting meetings, training and collaborating through computer screens. With no other choice…

Intel Vulnerabilities June 2020: What next?

9.6.2020 by Charlotte Nuttall

At 18:00 BST today, Intel??released information on five security advisories detailing 'fixes or workarounds' for the latest vulnerabilities found in Intel products. UKFast’s team has digested this information to answer any questions you may have and to ensure we are…

UKFast Code Club: Watch Our Three-Part Virtual Series

3.6.2020 by Laura Valentine

Here at UKFast we’re committed to helping?to?equip the next generation with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.?At our campus in Manchester we have a?state-of-the-art, Ofsted-accredited?education centre, run by?a team of full-time, fully qualified teachers. From…

cPanel Exim RCE Vulnerability: How to Protect Yourself

20.5.2020 by Charlotte Nuttall

On Monday 18th May 2020, cPanel’s security team released a patch to mitigate against a number of different vulnerabilities, assigned security levels (CVSSv3 scores) ranging from 3.0 (low severity) to 9.9 (critical). Further information was released on 19th May detailing…

Expert Take: 6 Tips for?Secure?Remote?Working

14.5.2020 by Guest

The transition to mass home working over the past month or so has offered little time for companies to formulate secure remote-working policies. As a result, threat actors have taken much delight in exploiting common flaws in remote working, and…

Business Continuity, Remote Working and the Future

5.5.2020 by Guest

COVID-19 has no doubt tested even the most well-thought-out business continuity plans, and as UKFast’s CTO Neil Lathwood said in his recent blog post: “maintaining communication across your business is key”. I can’t echo those words loudly enough. Remote working…

Top?Tips for?Improving?Server?Security

20.4.2020 by Charlotte Nuttall

Although?many businesses?choose a dedicated server for its control and security benefits, this doesn’t mean that ongoing cybersecurity?can be?neglected. With the adoption of remote working so widespread and the number of entry points to?networks?increased as a result,?cybercrime is?currently?a top concern for…

Why Do I Need a Staging Environment?

17.4.2020 by Charlotte Nuttall

A staging environment is?a?replica of your production environment?in which to test new code?before it is pushed live. All the?hardware, software and settings?of the production server are duplicated.?? Staging?environments are a key part of the development cycle and prevent several issues?often?faced…